I think IMVU more...

Hey welcome to the Official IMVU forum where ideas are yet to be made. right now as a guest you only see 3 forums... but 4 or more other forums are hidden. Also as a guest you can only view forums! As a user you are entitled to do MUCH MUCH MORE!
If your an official imvu user or just want to make an account here then register! (You don't have to have an account at imvu.com or the client downloaded to make an account here). If you have an account already made then log in.
If you lose any of your account information be sure to let me know. If you forget your e-mail, pass or username or if you want me to change your username before 3 days after registering. Hope you enjoy! X)


I think IMVU more...

Welcome to IMVU, some of the forum's are hidden. You have to create an account to see them.
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 Hello Please Read Before Creating An Account.

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How do you think of this forum?
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PostSubject: Hello Please Read Before Creating An Account.   October 23rd 2010, 15:27

I'm Jameson the forums administrator. Which means I'm in charge of running this site. Just as a caution do not create an account on here that has your IMVU's passwords and/or e-mails. User names from your IMVU account is acceptable but I must warn you the users here might look for your IMVU profile with it. I will not hand out your personal information to anybody for any reason nor will I or Staff and Mods ever ask for your passwords and information unless it's circumstantial for such the AP badge. (Read FAQ's concerning badges)
Please stay and enjoy yourself, keep the language toned down a small bit a lot of the users here will be against it.

{Note: The Staff and Mods of this forum are NOT Staff and Mods of IMVU.com}


Before reporting a user you need to make sure you're not abusing the reporting system. Do not report a user for no reason. If you abuse this system you're account will be disabled until further notice.

Offensive: Sexually explicit/racist/hate speech and threats
Censor Bypassing: Not completely obscuring offensive/banned words (Example: As if "gris" was a banned/censored word; gr!s, gr!$, gr*s, grrriiissss, g3r!$ etc...)
Trolling: Intending solely to annoy and/or offend other posters
Flaming: Clear insults of other board users
Advertising: Advertising Web Sites, Other Boards, For Sale/Rent/Trade (Anything That Isn't IMVU Related)
Illegal Activities: ROM/Warez/MP3/Cracks Begging and/or Providing
Disruptive Posting: ALL CAPS, large blank posts, multiple hard-to-read posts, mass bumping, etc
Inappropriate Avatar Picture: User with an explicit and/or offensive avatar picture.
Inappropriate Signature: Explicit/Offensive Material.
Inappropriate Username: Those with offensive or disrupting usernames

During a report please add extra information to the report so the Staff will be able to help you out much better.


Be sure to follow the rules of the forum before posting. If you get banned/deleted/disabled/etc... I do not want to hear any "buts". There is no "I was drunk when I posted this", "One of my family members used my account" etc. If you hand your Pass and Username to anyone that is your full responsibility. The Admins, Staff and Mods are not responsible for your account if you've handed it out to someone else. If your account has posted anything against our rules and it's been banned etc there will be no explanations. If you wish to share your account then be my guest, but I strongly recommend you make that user an account first with a different e-mail and pass then lend it to them.
If someone hacked your account we will do our best to give it back to you and bann the member from the forum who's hacked you.
Also keep in mind not to post such big pictures in your Signature. A lot can't load massive pictures. If your posting animated GIF pics keep it under 1MB anything JPG, PNG, etc keep it under 2MB at the most. Pics that exceed over 650x450px the signature will be discarded.
Your Signature is automatically disabled is you wish to enable it then: Profile/Preferences/(down the list) Always attach my signature and click "yes"

For your Avatar picture no nudity, gore, explicit language etc... is not allowed.
You get one too many warnings you're avatar picture will be disallowed to be displayed until further notice.
Please do not exceed it over 160 x 220.

Posting In The Forums

Everyone's having a bit of trouble knowing how to post. It is quite simple and easy to explain and understand. Specially since I'm going to show you pictures of how to use the forum.

Image One:
(#1) Click a forum you wish to see. (#2) Or click on the topic with the last post made.

Image Two:
(#1) Click to read a topic. (#2) Click to create your own topic {Be Sure It Stays In The Forum's Topics Such As Introducing Yourself And Asking Questions Only}. (#3) Legend. Tells you the pictures and they they represent. (#4) Lets you know the amount of replies {posts}, Whom created that topic, how many users and/or guests have viewed that topic and whom posted last. (#5) Watch that entire forum and receive e-mails {notifications} about every topic and post made in that forum. If you want you just watch a topic click the topic (#1) and click "Start Watching Topic".
{Note: If you're replying to a topic, as you are viewing a topic scroll down to the very bottom it will have a text box. This is a quick reply to the topic without going through much trouble. BBC coding will be enabled but I wont be too sure about HTML coding}

Image Three:
(#1) If you are posting a new topic, title must be in there if replying to a topic it is not necessary though you may put a title to your post if you wish. (#2) A list of emoticons you may use in the forum also short-cut-keys will be displayed when you click an emoticon. If you wish to see more click "OK" to "View More Emoticons". (#3) Text box. Type in your reply or topic post inside. (#4) Displays the colour to your topic title. (#5) Is to preview your post see how it will look before you publicly post it, Draft is to save your post for later if you haven't finished it and want to continue and Send is to publicly post your topic/reply.

Image Four:
(#1) Are your options to disable and/or display anything you wish. (#2) Are moderator and administrator options ONLY! Which is why you cannot post sticky, announcements etc. (#3) {Now for when Creating a Topic} I think for only mod and admin use too, but this will post a date into your topic about an event that will take place. (#4) I'm sure you've read how to use the poll. Here you post a poll's topic. (#5) Here is where you put the poll's options. They are displayed like this:
1. (Question)
2. (Queston)


A. (Question)
B. (Question)
(#6) Pretty self explanatory, put in digits for how many days you wish for your poll to exist or keep it blank for an infinity day poll. May users vote multiple questions at once or do you wish for them to only vote one question only? Then vote canceling. May users go back and cancel the vote they have published and vote something new. (#7) After you are finished with the options and or polls preview how it will look and/or publicly post it.

That is all there is to know about posting any other questions PM me I'll be glad to help.


If you post anything against the rules you will be banned. Any video's, sites and pictures that are against the rules you will be permanently banned. If you wish to be here you must accept the rules. Even though IMVU allows the "R" ratings doesn't mean forums will. Keep this forum "PG" at the most if you will. I cannot block certain pics, vids and URLs until they been posted. If you see anything discomforting about the post be sure to report it to the Mods or Staff. We will take the reported messages seriously if you have felt the discomfort. If you think it's wrong to be showing videos of animals being abused to look funny then report it. The reported user's post might be edited/deleted and or the user's account disabled for an period of time and if we don't find anything wrong with the message then you will be warned, do it again your account may be as risk.


This forum will allow users to post and vote polls. Though these polls must not be abused.

Answer Yes or no

1. Yes
2. No


If you have any questions and or comments regarding this site then PM me!


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Hello Please Read Before Creating An Account.
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