I think IMVU more...
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Hey welcome to the Official IMVU forum where ideas are yet to be made. right now as a guest you only see 3 forums... but 4 or more other forums are hidden. Also as a guest you can only view forums! As a user you are entitled to do MUCH MUCH MORE!
If your an official imvu user or just want to make an account here then register! (You don't have to have an account at imvu.com or the client downloaded to make an account here). If you have an account already made then log in.
If you lose any of your account information be sure to let me know. If you forget your e-mail, pass or username or if you want me to change your username before 3 days after registering. Hope you enjoy! X)


I think IMVU more...

Welcome to IMVU, some of the forum's are hidden. You have to create an account to see them.
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PostSubject: News Feed   News Feed EmptyFebruary 3rd 2012, 08:55

News I can gain about IMVU by providing links and images etc.
This will be edited occasionally so keep checking in for a new news feed every once in a while or create a new topic about IMVU's news that isn't available here!

Feb, 6th 2012
The IMVU User XtreameGamer account is back online tomorrow afternoon!!!
Products, homepage and rooms will be available.
Contact Staff through PM for more information.

Feb, 5th 2012
- Warning level (Read FAQ for information)
- New profile layout
- Popularity point system in the profiles
- + and - has been added to give or take popularity points for the user in their posts under the report and quote buttons
- Issues regarding "Orientation" options has been set to force you to choose only one option
- Issues regarding "Relationship Status" options has been set to force you to choose only one option
- Browser options have been added to profile editing (Read FAQ for more information)

XtreameGamer Products
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