I think IMVU more...
YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Noel-d10
Hey welcome to the Official IMVU forum where ideas are yet to be made. right now as a guest you only see 3 forums... but 4 or more other forums are hidden. Also as a guest you can only view forums! As a user you are entitled to do MUCH MUCH MORE!
If your an official imvu user or just want to make an account here then register! (You don't have to have an account at imvu.com or the client downloaded to make an account here). If you have an account already made then log in.
If you lose any of your account information be sure to let me know. If you forget your e-mail, pass or username or if you want me to change your username before 3 days after registering. Hope you enjoy! X)


I think IMVU more...

Welcome to IMVU, some of the forum's are hidden. You have to create an account to see them.
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How is this new avatar idea working out for you?
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 90% [ 9 ]
2. eh it's okay... could be better
YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_l1110%YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_r10
 10% [ 1 ]
3. damn who the hell did this?
YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_l110%YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_r10
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4. -_- get a life...
YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_l110%YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Poll_r10
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PostSubject: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! EmptyNovember 27th 2010, 14:45

Heya, welcome to the IMVU Avatar Creation Gallery! Or A.C.G.
These Avatars are not free they are to be bought by credits..
Let me tell you a bit about how this is all going to work out before I give you instructions and rules.
You will allow me to download an avatar pic of JUST YOU AND OR SOMEONE ELSE! If it has anything in the background other then the picture it will be double what it costs if you want me to add things in behind you and or your friend. After I have downloaded it, I will turn your avatar into a beautiful scene. If you want something specific in the background of your avatar like a plant, dog, etc… It will probably cost less if it’s just an item. Once I’m done I will allow you to view your avatar before you buy it then once your ready to buy send me the credits and I will give you the avatar.

Go into a room with any positions you like on IMVU. Once you like how everything is click the camera icon on the bottom to take the pic. Once you see a box surrounding you, position the screen where you’d want the pic to be taken. On the right you will see 4 icons the last one allows you to make the background invisible and it makes it easier to put in MUCH and many designs around the pic. Follow Step 1 and 2 in the photo below.

YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Kiuytu10

Once the screen is completely black, move your screen around and position where you’d want to take the picture. You can make your pic any size. Wide or Avi size. Once you’ve taken the picture and uploaded it into your gallery, then go to your gallery and click the picture that you have taken and link me the picture once you’re in a screen where JUST the pic is shown.

After you’ve sent me the picture, I will see what I can do with it them you will be asked a series of questions if you have not answered them (or correctly) in the message you sent me the link in. Be sure to answer these in your message like this:

Q)1. What name would you like to have public?
A)1. I would like my real name to be public. “James”.

1. What name would you like to have public? Username, part of your username (let me know what to use) or your Real First name? (This is a recommendation, So no one will steal your picture once you have it. And depending on the length of your name it might be harder to see in the picture.)

2. How would you like your name to look? Hand drawn print, Hand drawn cursive, or Fonts? (I will need a font name, if I do not have the font you wanted I will let you know what I have exactly close to it to work things out)

3. Give me a description of how you would like the picture to turn out or would you like a surprise? (Note that if you like me to make it a surprise it might not turn out the way you wanted because I try to match your 3D avatar with the artistic creation. Example: Your 3D avatar is a kickass rock hard gothic killer style, but in real life your favorite colour is pink and you like Barbie dolls and you have rainbow ponies… -ahem-… sooooo not saying YOU specifically but if you want your avi in your irl style then please be sure to let me know. I’ll be sure to keep a hush hush secret.)

4. What’s your IMVU username? (This is an recommendation as well so I’ll know who exactly asked me for this picture. Your pic will either be sent via IMVU mail, or this site mail. Or which ever you prefer. If your willing to make this a gift for someone then I‘m going to need both the giver and the receiver IMVU client screen names.)

5. What's the avatar KB limitation upload? (I need to know the size of your uploads before I do ANYTHING! If it's 36kb then you probably will get a crappy animated avatar. Everyone for some stupid reason has an 36k limitation and a 100k limitation. Mostly the newer users have the 100k limitation. Like my account for instance. On my home page I click "account" and it tells me I have to have an 36kb avi yet when I click on my avatar on my home page on the internet browser and it takes me to this other page where it says I can have an 100kb pic uploaded. So look out for that one because with an 100kb avatar I can make your animated avi over 3 frames! with the 36kb I can only make it 2.


^^ that will take you to the page you can browse and upload your picture too.

RECCOMENDATION! 6. Do you even have credits?

I will NOT give you your picture till your credits have went through but don’t worry, a lot wish not to take such a risk but I will allow you to view your picture like so…

YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Jess33YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! NotyetYES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Emma233jpgbakYES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Chuws

The “Not Yet Been PURCHASED!” text will be clear once your credits have gone through. When you send the credits ADD A MESSAGE WITH THEM! If I have not gotten a message from you it’s most likely your avatar pic will be held until you do so. I’m not responsible for your mess. “I accidentally posted send but it said they went through!” is NOT an option. I will apologize if you have sent me credits with no message but I posted a rule, I don’t want to be stiffed because it might get to the point where many have sent me credits at once.


50 credits for a pic with an invisi background and you want me to add one item. (50+ credits for each item added)
100 credits if you want fabulous for an unique and beautiful picture that’s sent with an invisi background.
150 credits if you have me add an item (50+ credits for more then 1 item) in the pic when the background hasn’t been invisi.
250 credits if you want me to edit stuff in the background and add an item. (50+ creds for more then 1 item)
400 credits If you want me to edit the background, add and item (50+ credits for more then 1 item) and make it look fabulous.
1,000 credits if you want it ALL TO BE FLASHY AND ANIMATED!!! (sent with a background)
1,500 credits if you want it ALL TO BE FLASHY AND ANIMATED!!! (sent without a background and have me decorate it)

2,000 credits if you want me to edit the background, add an item (50+ creds for more then 1 item) and animated . (-1,000 credits if you don’t want me to edit the background but add the items. -50 credits if you want the background edited but no items added)

YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Tryout11
This is a whole new experience to take a 4 second video shot and make it a picture. Just be sure to send me you're video and I will make your pic from it find a shot you want like "1.34" or "4.21". Contact me on IMVU to were you want to send the video. Video Animated will cost you around 5,000 creds.

After You’ve sent me a pic asked me what to do with it and when I’m done then I will send you a quick receipt with the picture. This isn’t your ordinary after shopping receipt, this will allow you to see what exactly has been added so both of us can keep track. This is what it’ll look like at the most:

YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! 213027263D IMVU User: [XtreameGamer]
VIP: [No]
AP: [Yes]
Gift: [No] Receiver and Giver: R[None] G[None]
Purchased: [Yes]
Against IMVU Terms Of Use: [No]
Pic sent with an invisible background, described how the pic should turn out, wanted Hand Cursive text wanted animation.
Items asked to be added: [None]

Meets IMVU avatar requirements: [Yes]
Avatar Information: [Dimensions: 160 x 220px] [Item Type: JPEG image] [Size: 28.5 KB]

Purchase Amount
Avatar Creation……………………………….....................................................Ç100

Made by: A.C.G. Creator: XtreameGamer
A.C.G. Co Creator: None


The items are like if you want me to add a necklace on someone a cat in the background etc those are items.

Yes everything is pretty cheap, but I’m not a perfectionist. So I do what I can.

THERE WILL BE DELAYS!! I’m not giving your pic to you in the min you send it in. It can take from an hour - 2+ weeks at the most. If I have a lot of pictures in you may not end up getting it for about a month, but I highly doubt I will be getting that many people, but never say never.

Do not yell at me about the prices you may end up losing your account. If you want it that bad then you’ll pay up wont you. This is hard work and art, not some cheap gossip magazines you find in your local book store. Yes I’m using a huge ass program that’s… expensive lets leave it at that and no I’m not telling you what it is so don’t bother asking please.

This is not an “Make you happy guarantee or your money back”. Once you sent me the credits and I’ve sent you the avatar it’s a done deal. I am keeping track of EVERYTHING! So don’t act like I’m stupid and will forget things by tomorrow.

The avatar inserter asks for an avatar that’s 160x220px and under 200k. So if your picture does not meet these requirements then there’s probably nothing I can do. Like the animated images. Yes I know it sucks. IMVU sucks for making you use that low of KB so technically, it’s not ALL my fault. I try to meet there requirements and that I will. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to tell me if you want me to keep your IMVU avi to meet the IMVU standards
If you have any questions or comments please do not be afraid to PM me. My contact information on IMVU is XtreameGamer please try not to add me as a friend if I’m not on and need to contact someone else online ASAP that’s in the IMVU A.C.G. then look for Genexe, ScarletRoz, WhyKillMe, killingkittens1 and Kodibellhouse on the IMVU client.

They do not know when I’m going to be done with the pictures, if I got your message(s), when I’m going to be online or my personal information. They can “ASSUME” some of these questions. So don’t tell me that one of them said “He’s gonna be on in an hour” then I got on 4 more hours later.

Please also note that I take my time with these avatars. I'll keep in contact with you the best I can about how it's going, but if I got like 5 orders waiting it might take from a week to a month to get yours done. I try to work as fast as possible but remember. I'm doing this myself I don't have employees to help me out. So be prepared if you want to ask whats getting done before your pic that's fine. I will be happy to let you know.

XtreameGamer Products

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PostSubject: Re: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! EmptyNovember 28th 2010, 13:42

Nice. ^_^ Well done.
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PostSubject: Re: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! EmptyFebruary 3rd 2012, 07:12

As always you never fail to impress me

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! EmptyMay 30th 2012, 09:57

Those look awesome.
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PostSubject: Re: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! EmptyAugust 8th 2012, 13:25

Brovo James, you still amaze me with everything you do. Keep it up I look forward to more comming from that brilliant mind of yours! lol

XtreameGamer Products
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PostSubject: Re: YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!!   YES I CAN MAKE EM!!!! Empty

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