I think IMVU more...
My IMVU shop. Noel-d10
Hey welcome to the Official IMVU forum where ideas are yet to be made. right now as a guest you only see 3 forums... but 4 or more other forums are hidden. Also as a guest you can only view forums! As a user you are entitled to do MUCH MUCH MORE!
If your an official imvu user or just want to make an account here then register! (You don't have to have an account at imvu.com or the client downloaded to make an account here). If you have an account already made then log in.
If you lose any of your account information be sure to let me know. If you forget your e-mail, pass or username or if you want me to change your username before 3 days after registering. Hope you enjoy! X)


I think IMVU more...

Welcome to IMVU, some of the forum's are hidden. You have to create an account to see them.
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 My IMVU shop.

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My IMVU shop. Empty
PostSubject: My IMVU shop.   My IMVU shop. EmptyDecember 11th 2011, 10:36

My forum shop!
PM me for any questions, browse my shop click an item if you like it'll take you to the browser to try on. These are my best sales! Hover the images to display the names of the products.

MysticIce Furry Ears{XG} MysticIce Furry Skin{XG} Ice Blue Furry Hair {XG} IceBlue Arm Warmers {XG} Blue Furry Boots {XG} Furry Shoulders {XG} Ice Blue Fur Collar {XG} Ice Blue Tail {XG} M Ice Blue Furkini {XG}

Snow Mystic Arm Fur {XG} Snow Mystic Boots {XG} Snow Mystic Tail {XG} Snow Mystic Collar {XG} Snow Mystic FurTop {XG} Snow Mystic Hair {XG} Snow Mystic Ears {XG} Snow Mystic Skin {XG} M Snow Furkini {XG}

Evil Mystic Arm Fur {XG} Evil Mytstic Boots {XG} Evil Mystic Tail {XG} Evil Mystic Collar {XG} Evil Mystic FurTop {XG} Evil Mystic Hair {XG} M Mystic Evil Eyes {XG} M Evil Mysic Ears {XG} Evil Mystic Skin {XG} M Evil Fur Furkini {XG}

Pink Mystic More Fur{XG} PinkMystic FurCollar{XG} Pink Mystic FurBoots{XG} Pink Mystic Tail {XG} Pink Mystic Arm Fur {XG} Pink Mystic Ears {XG} Pink Mystic Hair {XG} Pink Mystic Skin {XG} M Pink Furkini {XG}

Green Mech Wings {XG} Aurora Phoenix Wings{XG} DarkBlue Mech Wings {XG} SnowWhite Mech Wings{XG} BloodRed Mech Wings {XG} Black Mech Wings {XG} Blooded Smoke {XG} Teufels Mask {XG} Sexy Emo Skin {XG}

Warriors Mask {XG} White Furry Boots {XG} Black Furry Boots {XG} Epic Prince Chair {XG} Bloody Pants {XG}

XtreameGamer Products

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My IMVU shop. Empty
PostSubject: Re: My IMVU shop.   My IMVU shop. EmptyMay 23rd 2012, 05:31

Keep up to date on all of XtreameGamer's creations and get a sneak peak on all of his forthcoming creations and also if you are generous enough to donate to XtreameGamer products you will receive a loyalty gift as a thanks for supporting XtreameGamer Products!


Stay Safe, Be Safe!

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My IMVU shop.
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